OEM Anonymized Real-time traffic data probes

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Integration details

Data product description

Traffic data probes collected by OEM active fleet in Europe.

Data Privacy:

  • Data are anonymized (no VIN) directly in the vehicles based on the proven anonymization concept and therefore NO further anonymization or consent is required
  • Vehicle ID rotation every 2-10 minutes
  • No trip start information. Collection starts only after reaching 20km/h and then waiting for 2-4 minutes
  • No trip end information. The 0 to 30 seconds that have not already beed sent to backend are deleted when ignition is switched off
  • Probes are not collected upon Session ID change, so the consecutive sessions cannot be related to each other 

Data size

Currently more than 400k vehicles in EU generating more than 1.2 billion data points per week and constantly increasing.

Data sources

Connected cars

Data attributes

Timestamp, Vehicle_id, Latitude, Longitude, Heading, Speed, DTC codes

Data frequency

Capturing frequency:
0.2 Per second
Transmission frequency:
0.5 Per second

Geographical coverage




Temporal availability

  • Real time Data
  • Data collection frequency - 5 sec, Data upload frequency - 30 sec
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