Origin-Destination Mobility Data

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Data product description

Ualabee is a crowdsourced mobility solution that gives passengers the fastest and safest way to move from Point A to Point B, combining schedules and routes of urban transportationmicro-mobility, and ride-hailing services. showing the best choice for their commutes.

It also offers the unique opportunity to app users to create real time reports about security issues (e.g. low lightning in a bus stop, robbery, dangerous driving etc) as well as user rating on the quality of trips.

By looking at the daily mobility traffic, Ualabee can create datasets about different vehicle occupancy levels.

The data is mostly used by Public and Private Transport AgenciesMobility Analysts and Geo survey companies.

Use cases:

Urban planning systems can add geolocated information layers in their maps.

It can also be helpful for smart home applications to get contextual information about the real-time status of urban mobility in Latam cities.

Analysts can use our data to build their custom models based on our historical data, to predict the behavior of mobility flow in Latam cities, predict road accidentsdetours and transit anomalies in time, allowing them to notify and react in advance.

It is helpful to better plan and build the next transport network architecture, understanding where to set the stops/stations and routes, knowing from where to where people are moving everyday in their daily commutes to optimize energy and money and making passengers happy.

Government and public agencies can use the security data to fix bad lightning and better distribute the security personnel around the city, locating the hot spots regarding crime and other insecurity reasons.

Data size
Data volume size of every dataset can be shared upon request
Data sources
Mobile apps
Public sector municipalities
Manual real-time reports by Ualabee app users
Mobility operators
Data attributes
AttributeUpdate frequency
Origin (long/ lat)- Event triggered for reports coming from app users (security, quality)
Destination (long/ lat)- Origin-destination trip searches dataset is updated upon each user search
Timestamp- Completed trips and vehicle occupancy is updated after trip is completed
Advertising ID
Search radius
Geographical coverage
Temporal availability
  • Historical
  • Until the day before the query is run
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