Weather and Air Pollution Data

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Data product description

This Listing provides information about weather and air pollution levels in different regions around the world.

The data are provided by the Sensor.Community. Sensor.Community is a contributors driven global sensor network that creates Open Environmental Data.

The Listing provides data approximately from 12k sensors located in 60+ countries around the world.

Key data attributes:

  • Temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Humidity
  • PM2.5
  • PM10

Measurements can be either actual or average numbers based on the query.

Possible query parameters:

  • Sensor type
  • Area (lat, lon, distance)
  • Bounding box (lat1, lon1, lat2, lon2)
  • Country
  • Sensor ID

Temporal availability: Last 1h or last 24h

Data Frequency: An endpoint covering data in the last minute is updated every minute. While an endpoint covering data for the last 24 hours is updated every 5 minutes.

Geographical coverage: Global (60+ countries)

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