Weather Source Flood Data

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Data product description

Our storm surge and flooding geospatial products incorporate metadata and deep, historical context down to the meter-scale to provide powerful insights that integrate seamlessly into any GIS application or other visualization tool.

Our flood data products are available in the following datasets:

  • Inundation data: This consists of the past 14 days of flood detection on historically dry land and it shows the percentage of time over the past 14 days that flooding was detected (e.g., if flooding was detected over a certain area over the past 7 days, then the 14 day product would show 50%.
  • Flood data: This consists of 2 day flood detection. The product represents areas where at least two flooding detentions happened over a two day time period.
Data size
20mb (general size for the 14 day flooding data globally)
Data sources
Weather stations
Data attributes
AttributeUpdate frequency
River flooding
Drought conditions
Storm surge
Geographical coverage
Temporal availability
  • Real time Data
  • Historical
  • dating back to 2012 in hourly and daily format
  • Forecast Data
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