Air Quality API - Free Trial

Company sector

Air quality global data provider

Category of data

Air quality

Data sources

Patented eLichens algorithms using weather data, real-time traffic data, and local air quality agencies data including the eLichens hardware air quality sensors

Temporal availability

  • Real time
  • Forecast data: up to 4-days
  • Historical data: Starting from October 2020

Geographical coverage


Key data attributes

A. Pollutants: NO2, O3, PM10, PM2.5

Pollutants concentration:

  • In terms of the proportion of the total volume that it accounts for
  • In terms of weight of pollutant within a standard volume of air

B. Air Quality Indices (AQI):

  • the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) index, which is mainly taken into account in the United States
  • the Citeair index, developed during the Citeair European project, and used to compare air quality situation in European cities
  • eLichens Air Quality Index (eAQI)

C. Pollen: Birch, Grass, Olive, Ragweed

Data frequency

Hourly updates

Delivery method




Pricing model

Pricing package with access limits (see Pricing section)

Company Description

The AQ eLichens API can be divided into three main products:

  1. Geolocated API: choose a specific latitude and longitude anywhere in the world, and obtain historic, current and future air quality description in terms of main pollutants concentration, pollen concentration and air quality indexes
  2. Street-level locations API: through this API, you can obtain summary measurements (minimum, maximum and average) coming from a hyper-local Air Quality model powered by eLichens for + 300 locations around the world where this model is deployed.
  3. Local Agency Stations API: through this API, you can obtain measurements and forecasts of + 8000 local agency stations around the world.

All the API data can be queried in the endpoints listed below.

NOTE!: This is a free trial expiring after 15 days

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Proxy API
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