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Pedestrian Behavioral Data

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Integration details
Data product description

SCCA Advisory Ltd in cooperation with its vendors and partners as well as its customers develops intelligent solutions for businesses in the retail, Malls, Hospitality, Tourism, entertainment, health, insurance and public sectors. 

Within this framework our company has established exclusive partnerships  with the leading industry technology companies ( Seeketing SA, Neoma Ltd)  certified in the areas of Proximity Marketing and Analytics.

Our Nodes or Beacons track the physical locations of mobile devices of end users and communicate targeted messages and marketing content videos, photos, loyalty coupons or offerings that have been provided by our customers.

At SCCA Advisory Ltd we connect the physical and digital worlds for our customers and contribute to their efforts to create better brand experiences on the go. Our solutions comply 100% with EU GDPR regulations and laws for private data protection.

Our differential advantage is that we identify uniquely and reliably and track over 80% of SP’s based on 2.4GHz, 2.5GHz or 5GHz  radio-frequency band transmissions solving the randomization problem, while at the same time our Nodes based  solution does not require any  application. In parallel we connect the digital behavior of the customer ( App ,Web)  with its physical presence in the zones in a unique way that leverages  omnichannel philosophy . Our technology provides data reliability, something that has been proven in several use cases over a large number of installations.

Based on existing installations and legal rights we can provide available anonymous data for customers in the fields of behavioral and footfall data , telematics in vehicle and location services data  and finally the new field of Telematics in Health data.

Data size
Total 1,000 Nodes in EU
Data sources
Nodes devices detecting radio frequency signals generated by mobile devices in proximity and optical sensors at mall & store entrances
Data attributes
AttributeUpdate frequency
- Number of unique visitors within a Nod...Near real time (every 10 minutes), Per ...
- Footfall data at optical sensors locat...
- Paths that users follow
- Visit times, dwell time, average pres...
- Areas of interest
Geographical coverage
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia
Temporal availability
  • Real time Data
  • 10' frequency time
  • Historical
  • 1-day replication time for daily updates. Up to 3 years of historical data
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