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Integration details

Data product description

OnPoint Weather is described exactly as it sounds, weather data for any location at any point in time. Unlike other providers who rely on singular inputs that in many instances may be many miles away from your location of interest to be meaningful or actionable, Weather Source ingests all of the best weather sensing inputs available including:

  • Airport observation stations
  • NOAA & NWS data
  • Satellites
  • Radar
  • IoT Devices and other sensor information
  • Telematics
  • Weather analyses and model outputs

Weather Source unifies and homogenizes the inputs on our high resolution global grid. The globally consistent OnPoint Grid covers every land mass in the world and up to 200 miles offshore. Each grid point - millions in total - represents a “virtual” weather station with a unique OnPoint ID from which weather data can be mapped to any lat/lon coordinates or specified geographically bounded areas such as:

  • Census tract/block
  • County/parish or state
  • Designated Market Area (DMA)
  • ZIP/Postal Code

All Weather Source data is available in hourly or daily format. Daily format includes minimum and maximum values as well as daily averages for each supported weather parameter.

* Purchasing a subscription through Mobito will provide instant access to all Weather Source tiles and resources listed in the Mobito Marketplace including historical, forecast and climatology subject to the subscription tier purchased.

Data size


Data sources

Weather stations
IoT hardware
NOAA & NWS data
Weather analyses and model outputs

Data attributes

Clouds, Humidity, Precipitation, Solar radiation, Surface pressure, Temperature, Wet & dry bulb, Wind speed, Wind direction, Snowfall + 8 more ...

Data frequency

Capturing frequency:
Per hour
Transmission frequency:
Per hour

Geographical coverage

North America
South America



Temporal availability

  • Forecast Data
  • 240 hours or 15 full days of Forecast data in hourly and daily format.
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