Bridgestone Vehicle Fleet Probe Data

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Integration details

Data product description

Probe Data or Floating Car Data is the basis for building traffic or travel services, to maintain road networks, ensure security, reduce accidents but also monitor and optimise traffic and the amount of vehicles using certain road types or defined areas such as Cities or Communities.

It can also be used for optimising Logistics processes.

Bridgestone data with its high accuracy and real time delivery provides the necessary data to perform this.

Benefit from an anonymized dataset covering commercial fleets that have an advantage over any other personal/private car data sets we came across as commercial vehicles are operated throughout the day, some even 24/7.

Data anonymization methods:

  • Trace sessions with maximum duration of 24h
  • Start and end of trace sessions are cut off

Data size

1.2 million vehicles

Data sources

Vehicle telematics devices
Connected cars

Data attributes

Session ID, Vehicle_type, Timestamp, Latitude, Longitude, Heading, Speed, Road type, Road_speed_limit, Ambient air temperature + 3 more ...

Data frequency

Capturing frequency:
minimum 0.1 Per second
Transmission frequency:
Once Per day

Geographical coverage

North America
South America



Temporal availability

  • Real time Data
  • Historical
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