Vehicle Fleet Data
Driving data

Company sector

Vehicle Fleet Management

Category of data

Vehicle Data

Data sources

After sales telematics devices

Data volume size

Around 60k vehicles globally

  • 70% heavy trucks (>3.5 tns)
  • 30% passenger vehicles

Temporal availability

Up to 4 years of historical data upon request

Geographical coverage

Key data attributes

  • Vehicle brand
  • Vehicle  model
  • Date/time
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Direction
  • Ignition on
  • Odometer
  • Origin (long/lat, time)
  • Trip path

 See the attached “Vehicle Data Availability” file for a full available data attributes list

Data frequency

Every 2 seconds or 1 minute while moving and every 20 minutes when it is not (based on the ignition status)

Delivery method

CSV files available in Mobito’s Amazon S3 Buckets



Pricing model

Price is calculated based on the volume, geographical and temporal requirements of each request

Listing Type
S3 bucket
Historical data
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