Driving Behavior and Road Quality
Driving data

Company sector

Vehicle Telematics

Category of data

Driving behaviour & Road Quality data

Data sources

Telematics devices mounted on private and commercial vehicle fleets

Data volume size

Average number of vehicles: 580. 000 vehicles with GPS data

Average monthly data volume: 1.500.000.000 data points/month

The statistics significance depends on both the specific geographical areas and temporal dimension of the analysis 

VEM will provide more detailed information upon request based on the requirements of the analysis

Temporal availability

Real time and Historical data availability (since 2014)

Geographical coverage


Key data attributes

  • GPS Raw data: device_ID, timestamp, long/lat, GPS quality, Speed, Direction, Eng_status (on/off), Veh_type (commercial / private), Position_type (e.g.breaking, steering left), Odometer
  • Trip Header (Origin - Destination): device_ID, trip_ID, timestamp, Origin_long/lat, Origin_time, Origin_weather, Destination_long/lat, Destination_time, Destination_weather,  Trip_distance_travelled  (km), vehicle_type
  • Trip Details: device_ID, trip_ID, timestamp, long/lat, Speed, Direction, Event_Type, Road_Type, Driving_Style (e.g. exceeding speed limits)
  • Accidents (in case of events more than 1G): event_ID, vehicle_ID, timestamp, long/lat, Speed, Direction, Impact_Intensity, Impact_zone (i.e Front), Data frequency (Hz), Gyroscopic info, Claim (yes, no)
  • Accident confirmation: event_ID, State (confirmed, not confirmed accident)
  • Static Data: device_ID, Driver_age_range, Driver_sex, Car_Brand, Car_Model
  • Potholes and bumps: event_ID, device_ID, timestamp, long/lat, Speed, Direction, Hole_Type, Data frequency (Hz)
  • GPS Trail: event_ID, device_ID, timestamp, long/lat, Speed, Direction, Eng_status (on/off), Acc_cursor_value, Acc_(x,y,z)
  • Acceleration stream (in case of events more than 1G): event_ID, device_ID, Acc_cursor_value, Acc_(x,y,z), Gyro_(x,y, z)

Data frequency

Data signals are available on a per minute basis or on an event basis for accidents, acceleration and gyroscope signals.

See the attached file “Datasets & Respective Frequencies” on the documentation section for a breakdown of frequencies per dataset

Delivery method

CSV files available in Mobito’s Amazon S3 Buckets



Pricing model

Price is calculated based on the geographical and temporal requirements of each request.

Company Description

VEM Solutions S.p.A. is an Italian Viasat Group company that has been operating for over 45 years in Design, Industrialization and Production of high-quality and mass-market electronic products with a specific focus on the supply of Telematic Satellite and IoT Systems.

The capacity to design and develop hardware, firmware and software for innovative technological solutions, overlooking the entire supply chain in the fields of electronics, IT, telecommunications and satellite telematics, has allowed it a strategic positioning in the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence markets.

The Group is able to provide several values-added services by transforming data into information. In addition, the internal data stream can be complemented and contextualized by other and external data sources.

VEM Solution in a nutshell collects raw data acquired by on-board devices and received by the Operation Centers and Application Platforms, developed and operated by Viasat Group. The data are processed on the basis of proprietary algorithms, anonymized and stored in a platform functionally dedicated to Big Data services.

By analysing our data you can provide new services, realize more efficient services or process and reduce costs for other companies.

The potential beneficiaries can be the public sector or other private companies in the mobility or vehicle industry. Some examples are:

  • Road operators being able to do target maintenance
  • Mobility Service Providers
  • Car Maker
  • Public administrations
  • University research department

See the attached company description documents for further information.

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